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29th October 2014

Recently we visited the Richard Goodall Gallery in the Northern Quarter, Manchester. I used to work in the area and loved popping in to peruse the latest contemporary pieces of art they had to offer.

They have a wide variety on show, paintings, prints, drawings, photos, vinyl toys, and some designer homeware. So here are few things that caught my eye.

Artist: Nicolas Bannister

nicolas-bannister_milenium-falcon nicolas-bannister_ghostbusters nicolas-bannister_et
nicolas-bannister_dr-who nicolas-bannister_back-to-the-future nicolas-bannister_a-team nicolas-bannister_wizard-of-oz nicolas-bannister_back-to-the-future2 nicolas-bannister_kill-bill

Artist: Ray Caesar

ray-caesar_calamity ray-caesar_aria

Artist: Jay Ryan

jay-ryan_No_I_In_Turtle jay-ryan_wombats jay-ryan_TuesdayMorning
jay-ryan_loghunters jay-ryan_in_the_shop jay-ryan_dogsinschool

Vinyl Figures: Dunny & Mechtorians

dunny-RakuDay dunny-mcfauluk dunny-space Mechtorians

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