A Little Space


I love a bargain, better still a freebie and that’s how I view seeds. Sometimes, whilst walking past a beautiful garden and spotting a seed on the pavement I’ll pick it up and try to grow the plant I’ve just admired. And yes, I do apologise, I am that woman who erratically brings the pedestrian traffic to a halt, but I am an opportunist gardener not a thief!

Now we all know plants need sun, soil, water and time but there is one more thing plants need to grow: SPACE.


When they are overcrowded plants can choke one another and stunt their growth, but spacing out seeds gives the plants a good circulation of air and this helps to prevent disease. The very breeze shaking a tree makes its roots go deeper for strength and stability. Plants need space to grow strong.

Isn’t it just the same in life? We need so much just to live, but there’s something in our souls that also needs SPACE.



I planted this nasturtium seed in March. It has a trailing habit so can grow up or down. I provided it with an empty trellis and pot as the basis for this journey. I gave it room to grow and with a little help along the way, by July a drab corner has been brightened up with long trailing green and bright orange flowers. It is full of life!


So, don’t squash that “seed” of an idea of yours. Don’t crowd out your creativity with a hundred deadlines, don’t let the cares of this world choke it. Give it room to branch out, give it time to grow .

Give it some space, and what comes next may surprise everyone!