The Wonderful Work of Hannah Dunnett

A friend of mine was on holiday over the summer with her family. They were exploring a little village when they spotted a Christian book shop. They went in to have a look and found amid the stock a collection of beautiful greeting cards.

There were paintings and illustrations of all sorts of things; mountains, the sea, a house, a forest…all the kind of images I love, but when you look closer you see that each picture is embedded with scritpures. Every wave, every tree, every cloud contains a verse from the Bible and the verses all tie in together so that each card is not only a picture of a house or the sea but a picture of God’s truth.

When my friend told me about the cards I thought they sounded interesting but it wasn’t until she sent one my way that I saw how moving they are.

The card she sent me is called ‘Live at Peace’ and even now that I have looked up the artist and browsed her works online this is still my favourite.

Live at Peace

We are currently working towards finding our first house so this artwork is a lovely reminder that whilst we talk about locations, parking, built in wardrobes….that what we really want to build our home around is God’s word; His ways and His love.

The artist behind this work is Hannah Dunnett and you can see her work on her website which she runs with her equally creative husband Ben.

Their whole collection is lovely. I am quite tempted to get the Live at Peace one as a print. Here are a few more of my favourites.

Lover and Beloved
Trust in God
Seasoned with Salt

The work comes in the form of greeting cards, art prints, poster prints and, most excitingly for a stationary geek like me; journals! My birthday is coming up soon so if anyone out there is in a present buying mood this is a good place to start! (I can dream right?)