Target Reached

Last month we interviewed artist Simon Amadeus Pillario on his project to create the ‘Word for Word Bible Comic’. Starting with the Book of Judges, Simon aims to make an unabridged and true to content comic book version of the Bible. You can read the full interview here.

At the time of the interview Simon was running a Kickstarter to raise £15,000 so that he could work full time on this project for the next year.

We are so thrilled to report that since then the Kickstarter has overreached its target and Simon will now get to spend the next year working full time on writing and drawing a hard hitting, unabridged graphic novel of the Book of Judges. We are looking forward to getting our hands on a copy when it is done!

We want to thank any Creative Kingdom readers out there who read the interview and backed the Kickstarter. Our hope is that Creative Kingdom will one day be a thriving hub where artists share their work and support one another in their goals. We want this little corner of the internet to be a place of encouragement, inspiration and collaboration, so if we have contributed in even the smallest of ways to getting this project up and running we are very proud!

Thank you!