Let the broken-hearted rejoice

In God’s hands. When my life is in God’s hands, everything looks very different. I wrote ‘Let the broken hearted rejoice’ when my sister, Liz died.  The words of the poem describe how I felt at the time.


It is hard to imagine that God can meet you in such a place of pain, grief, loss and brokenness and speak words of comfort and strength.  But this is just what He did.  Life can look so different when God has his hands on it, moulding, making and transforming it.  In order for this to happen, I have to surrender to Him – I don’t find this easy!  But when I do, it’s SO worth it.  The key factor is to remember how much He loves me then it isn’t as difficult as I thought.

If I give my pain to God He will transform it to make something beautiful.  I cannot do this, but He can.

Let the broken-hearted rejoice

My heart breaks,
There is such pain,
Raw, sore hurt,
But Lord, you are here
To comfort me again.

You touch my very soul
With your tenderness,
Your gentleness;
You bind up my wounds with your love.

When the waves overwhelm me,
I stand,
For you hold me in the palm of your hand.

You reach down into my soul,
You lift me up,
You place my feet on the rock.
You take my pain,
You mould it, and transform it,
Creating something new,
Something beautiful, unbelievable.

Your hands work with such love.
Compassion flows through your fingers,
Deepest love controls your every touch.

You will fulfil your purpose for me.
You glorify your name.
You are so gracious to me,
So patient and kind.

You heal the broken-hearted,
You bind up their wounds
With your unfailing love,
Your faithfulness,
Your mercy
And your grace.

You lift up those who are bowed down.
When I feel all is lost,
You find me again,
You lift me onto your shoulders
And carry me home.

Let the broken-hearted rejoice . . . . .