Cactus Blossoms

There are days when it feels like I am barely holding onto my sanity, when it feels like it would take very little to either make or break me. Last week our baby entered the world of teething. Friday was an especially bad day for him. Despite my best efforts he was miserable all day long. Nothing helped. Finally in desperation that evening I decided to pull out the hefty stroller (dirt roads are not kind to the strollers lacking in substance) and see if some fresh air and movement helped. It didn’t.


I stood there at the end of my driveway wondering what I was going to do, how to help Darrow, and how to keep a shred of my sanity. “God, please help me.”

I was turning to push the stroller back up the driveway when I caught a flash of coral in the grass. Now, everything around here in southern New Mexico is usually brown, yellow, or a dusty green; coral is not a typical color to see poking through the grass unless it is windblown trash. I pulled the grass back to find a gorgeous Prickly Pear cactus with one single bloom. Darrow and I made the trip up to the house and back for my camera.





Most of the cactus blossoms around here are yellow. It has been a while since I saw one of these coral blossoms. It was there just when I needed it. I have a print ordered to hang in my home to serve as a reminder to myself that there is beauty everywhere, to take time to look for the good, and that God does indeed know me and watches over each of us.