Speak, Brother

One of the nicest things about running Creative Kingdom is that from time to time we get to hear previews of songs before anyone else does. It makes us feel very special!

Especially when the music involved causes involuntary head bobbing, goosebumps and even a couple moments of tears-welling-up. Which is exactly what happened when I got to listen to the preview of the self-titled EP by Speak, Brother.

Speak, Brother, is an indie folk trio made up of James, Matt and Nath, and before I tie myself in knots trying to explain to you exactly what their music sounds like, why don’t you checkout the video of their single; Dry Bones here and see for yourself.

Speak, Brother


OK have you recovered from that beauty?

I have no idea how these three guys create such a full sound but it is incredible!

I have been playing their upcoming EP on a loop for the last few days. I know music appeals to people for different reason; some are looking for a certain sound, others like songs that link them to memories, but for me, I love songs that tell me a story.

This might be the reason why I have fallen for Speak, Brother. Their music is full of stories told with passion, authenticity and catchy melodies that you find yourself humming throughout the day.

Whilst Dry Bones is undoubtedly the showstopper, (and is available to download now!) my personal favourite track on the EP is ‘Two Bands of Gold’, it is a beautiful piece; romantic, timeless and triumphant.

I will stop gushing shortly and give you the more practical details of how you can get your hands on this EP but before I do I must just say that vocals here are incredible; full of harmonies, soothing calm one minute, rousing you to get up and do a little dance the next!!

I have a strong suspicion that this will be a band worth seeing live and if after hearing their single, you agree, you can see details of upcoming gigs here.

The Speak, Brother EP is launching on Monday 3rd November and will be available to download on itunes, amazon mp3 and the Speak, Brother website.

Speak Brother Happy Street

Q&A with Rob Moles

Singer, songwriter and producer Rob Moles answers our artists Q&A and shares ‘Everything You Are’ from his EP ‘Good Men‘.

If you had to describe your music in three or four words, what would you call it?

People have described it as a mash-up between Ellie Goulding, Keane, and Coldplay. I try to not worry too much about what it sounds like and just make something I like. – sorry that’s more than four words!

What is your number one tip for song writing?

One thing I always try to do for myself is to listen to a wide variety of music – not just have it on in the background but to give it my full attention and listen critically. Things like: ‘oh I liked how the chorus has this hook in an unexpected place’, and ‘that was an interesting lyric because it made me think of this’ etc.

It’s always said that you can’t expect creativity to flow out of you if you’re not putting things into you – but in addition to that, I think you have to be deliberate and not passive about how you consume media.

Another thing that is important, particularly when you are starting out, is to not worry too much about what you think other people will think about your song. Just focus on writing something that excites or moves you. It might be that the first few songs you write are too precious to be heard by anyone else but you – but that’s ok!

What is your earliest musical memory?

Sitting in the car on long journeys with my Dad listening to classic FM – how very rock and roll! Probably that and playing in church from pretty much as soon as I could hold an instrument. Seriously though, I think the fact that I’ve been exposed to so many different musical traditions is great and that’s probably why I like so many different things.

What is the last song you listened to?

Pink – ‘Just Give Me A Reason’. Just shows how uncool I am I missed this one the first time round. It’s a really great duet between Pink and Nate Ruess. I’m not a huge Pink fan but I really like this song and the fact that the production is quite minimal for a pop song is cool too.

Which of your songs do you love to perform the most?

Probably ‘Everything You Are’ – it’s just quite a simple fun song that you can rock out a bit too.

This song was funny because it came together very fast in about two days – that never happens! I wish it did more often!

To me the song is really talking about legacy and what kind of things we invest in are going to create a lasting legacy that is worth something. When I talk about love in this song I’m talking more about companionship and investing in others as part of a community, rather than about boy/girl relationships to be honest – although I suppose it could be about that too!

What’s next for you? Up-coming events/plans?

I’m currently putting a band together with a view to doing a few gigs over the summer and afterwards – up till now it’s just been me on a guitar which is fine but a full band is more fun for sure!

I also work as a producer/engineer and have a few projects lined up for that. I enjoy helping other people to sound as good as they can be and achieve their musical vision.

Everything You Are is included in Rob’s EP: ‘Good Men‘ and is available to download on itunes.