Focus for 2015

First up, HAPPY NEW YEAR! I hope this finds you well.

I’ve been thinking a bit about this year and what it could hold, along with what is achievable. At this time of year we all do a bit of a New Year’s Resolution type of thing, even if you have no intentions of keeping one. We review ourselves and come to the conclusion that we need to shape or form some part of us literally and figuratively.

Last year I started plenty of projects, but finished few. I get immersed in an idea and I will be totally focused on it for about a month, then I start to get distracted. Either by the next idea, family, work or life. This in itself isn’t a bad thing, but for me I want to look back on a body of work that I can call my own, and to be proud of my finished projects, even if it is only the fact that I finished them off.

So the theme for this year (for me) is going to be “focus”. Many of us have an ideal of the life we want to live, you may have a plan or a vision of what you want your future to look like. The way I see it; the vision is the overall plan, what you intend things to be like, and for Creative Kingdom our vision remains the same “Creativity in a Christ centred life”.

The vision gives you a broad view of things, but focus, focus makes things clearer. Edges are defined, shapes are formed, and with clarity and contrast the details emerge. It’s these details that captivate people, the hours of effort, and the careful consideration that goes into every area. It really does make a huge difference to art or anything you apply yourself to.


So my hope over the next year is to focus on spending more time here on Creative Kingdom, complete last year’s unfinished projects, and of course all these things will need to fit around the rest of my life.

So her’s to a productive year and I hope we can continue to inspire you throughout it!

p.s. If you’ve got resolutions for this year let us know in the comments below.

p.p.s. I’ve been working on a new page where you can see all the articles in chronological order view it here »
It is still a work in progress, one of last year’s unfinished projects!

Pursuing Creativity

We have now been live a whole month and what a fantastic month it has been! We’ve had great support and encouragement from our friends as we launched the site, and we have been surprised at how many people who have been as excited about Creative Kingdom as we have.

Here are some of the highlights from this month:

  • Featuring the work of ten different artists and writers, including professional artists, enthusiastic hobbyists and innovative College students.
  • ‘It’s a Hobby, It’s OK’ article by Marquette that explains why there is no need for snobbery in creative fields.
  • Being mesmerised by the New York City Timelapses by Dan Thompson
  • And of course your continued support.


Note from Cathy:

Here is what I have discovered over the last two years; practicing creativity releases joy. Whether it is a skill you excel in, or a project you’re trying out for the first time, there is something inherently joyful about doing something creative.

I am happier on the days I write. Even if I don’t finish what I start or if the writing isn’t very good, I am still happier on the days I write than I am on the days when I don’t. And the more I write, the more rewarding the process becomes.

The trick is to find which creative outlets bring you joy. For some it is painting, others it’s baking, some people bloom when gardening, others thrive when launching new business ideas. Dancing, acting, crafting, speaking, designing, sculpting… whatever it is that brings you joy is worth pursuing.

That is what Creative Kingdom is about; pursuing creativity.

We are constantly on the look-out for more artists to promote and feature so please check out our Get Involved Page and drop us a line, we would love to hear from you!

Thank you to all of you have been with us right at the beginning, we are thrilled to have started this journey and we know there are greater things to come!

Much Love,

Rob & Cathy


Creative Kingdom is a place to be inspired, encouraged, learn and get involved. We want to create a place for creativity in a Christ-centered life. A lot of people have great ideas and skill, but not everyone has an outlet for it. So perhaps we can provide one.

Creativity for creativity’s sake is important. Many of us have a need to be creative and if we ignore it, we end up feeling unfulfilled. I’ve found that working on a creative side project, big or small, has just helped me feel better. And you never know that something you create could be the salvation or inspiration of another. We just have no idea of how God will use it.

We are still in the beginning stages and are looking for content to fill all areas of the website, which can be in many forms; written, works of art, music, video and anything else that could be displayed.

We are excited to see how this project develops and grows.

Welcome to the Creative Kingdom.