Why Vision Comes First in Collaboration

One of the advantages of marrying a creative person is that they draw out your own sense of creativity. Before I married Rob I knew I liked to work with words, I enjoyed writing, speaking and I kept journals, but I didn’t describe myself as a creative person. But living in close quarters with a creative changes you. Over time I began to experiment and push the boundaries on my own sense of creativity and it wasn’t long before Rob and I started dreaming of projects and ideas that we could both contribute to. The biggest one being Creative | Read more »

Motion Graphics
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The Righteous

We are doing a short series at our church all based around the title “Power in His name”. My wife Cathy was speaking for one of the sessions and had a list of verses from Proverbs all based around righteousness. So rather than just reading out the words Cathy thought it would be more memorable […] »
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Stop Rest Listen

I was scrolling through my Facebook feed the other day when I should really have been doing other more productive things, when a post caught my attention. My friend Joel, a worship leader and talented musician has just launched a new website intriguingly called Stop Rest Listen. This struck a chord. A lot of people […] »
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Canine Skull Scratchboard

For Christmas I try to do at least one homemade item each year. Cameron, my husband, is fascinated by animal skulls. This sounds morbid until you know that he has a degree in zoology and is preparing to teach Biology. He loves the structure, how everything all fits together, the teeth, all of it. With […] »
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Rob’s Top 5 Gig Photos

I was chatting the other day with a work colleague. I found out that they were really into going to see bands and taking photos. She’s already booked 13 gigs for the year and planned out her holidays around them, now that’s dedication. So I set a challenge to pick out her top five pics […] »
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Beautiful Character Design by Vivien Bertin

I thought you might enjoy some amazingly intimidating work from Vivien Bertin. These are just a few of Vivien’s works, so it is well worth visiting his website and Behance page. Also check out the video of his process at the bottom of the page. Via: abduzeedo, Behance and »
Editors Note
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Focus for 2015

First up, HAPPY NEW YEAR! I hope this finds you well. I’ve been thinking a bit about this year and what it could hold, along with what is achievable. At this time of year we all do a bit of a New Year’s Resolution type of thing, even if you have no intentions of keeping […] »

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