The Pinstorsity Pay it Forward November Challenge

Our friends over at Pintrosity have launched a challenge that we think all of our creative readers and Pinterest lovers out there should know about.

Pinstrosity have launched a challenge where each month they ask their readers to put pins to the test all around a certain theme. Last month the theme was ‘pumpkin’ and readers tried out pumpkin recipies and crafts from Pinterest and submitted the results to Pinstrosity for sharing.

So far, so fun, right?

Well, for November they have upped their game and in the month that precedes the season of giving they have set the theme as Pay it Forward.

They are asking readers to use their Pinterest boards to inspire them to an act of kindness; this can be a gift they bake, make or create or just something nice they are pinterest-inspired to do for someone else. This theme is wide open for interpretation!

Here are the rules:

  1. Browse through your Pinterest boards and find pins that fit the theme that inspire you. If you are not sure where to start you can check out the Official Pinstrosity Challenge Pinterest Board for ideas
  2. Once you’ve found some pins on Pinterest that inspire you, build on that inspiration! See cookies you want to try, but you don’t want to have a whole batch sitting around? Make some, save a small plate for you and take the rest to a neighbour. Make the Giving Plate and deliver it. Make fun aprons and volunteer at a soup kitchen. Do service related activities with your children. You can follow the pin instructions to a T, or you can just work off your inspiration and go for a Pin Spin.
  3. Take a picture of the outcome, whether it goes well or whether you end up with a bonefide Pinstrosity!
  4. Email your pictures, the link to the project you were inspired by, and any bit of the story you want to tell to You have until 8:00 AM (MST) on December 1st to send us your Pay it Forward project.
  5. On Saturday6th December Pinstorsity will do a Round Up post and show the projects that were sent in.
  6. All projects submitted as part of the challenge need to have been completed in November 2014. No submitting projects you did last year. The point of this challenge is to get you to actually use Pinterest to inspire your life!
  7. Feel free to submit as many times as you want!

I know we are a little late in sharing this but there are still two weeks left to go and I want to encourage as many people as possible to get involved. I am looking through my pin-boards right now to see what projects I might do…I think it will be something to do with peanut butter chip cookies!

You can see the official Pinstrosity November Challenge page here.

Happy crafting/baking/creating!

P.S Read the creators of Pinterest answer our Q&A here.

P.P.S Read the Pinstrosity guide on ‘What to Do When it all Goes Wrong’ here.

Ok Go!

Ok Go do such creative music videos and I wanted to share their genius with you. They have recently release “I won’t let you down”, meticulously choreographed and on awesome little Honda scooters, which was filmed with a GPS-controlled drone.

I think “Here it goes again” will always be a favorite of mine. Enjoy!