Hello one and all, today is a big day for us as we have gone live with the website. There are a few things for you to look at and we are hoping to bring you loads more. So if you are interested in us promoting your work, just contact us.

So how does this all work?

Well the plan is to have three updates a week, two of which will be contributions from an artist/writer and the other will be a blog update. The blog section will be what we are getting up to and a mishmash of things we find interesting around the web!

What are we looking for?

Creativity in a Christ-centred life. Our definition of creativity is wide open, and we are not just looking for two hundred portraits of Jesus. Any creative output from someone who follows Jesus will reveal their faith and values so the work doesn’t have to be ‘overtly Christian’ at first glance. What we do want to do is promote you and your work.

Now what?

We are super syked to have a Q&A post from Pinstrosity and Lynsey Berry. Both have some great insights to their success.

Watch the video below, a quote from Ira Glass. Be encouraged, be creative and have a look around the website!


video sorce: Daniel Sax

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  1. I think this will take off great guns all I can say is inspirational amen

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