Creative Kingdom is a place to be inspired, encouraged, learn and get involved. We want to create a place for creativity in a Christ-centered life. A lot of people have great ideas and skill, but not everyone has an outlet for it. So perhaps we can provide one.

Creativity for creativity’s sake is important. Many of us have a need to be creative and if we ignore it, we end up feeling unfulfilled. I’ve found that working on a creative side project, big or small, has just helped me feel better. And you never know that something you create could be the salvation or inspiration of another. We just have no idea of how God will use it.

We are still in the beginning stages and are looking for content to fill all areas of the website, which can be in many forms; written, works of art, music, video and anything else that could be displayed.

We are excited to see how this project develops and grows.

Welcome to the Creative Kingdom.