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Beautiful Character Design by Vivien Bertin

I thought you might enjoy some amazingly intimidating work from Vivien Bertin. These are just a few of Vivien’s works, so it is well worth visiting his website and Behance page. Also check out the video of his process at the bottom of the page. Via: abduzeedo, Behance and
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Steve Spazuk – Fire Painter

Steve Spazuk has perfected a technique called fumage, he use the flame of a candle or the flame of a torch as a pencil to create his paintings with trails of soot, then he scratches it away to produce the detail. It’s mesmerizing to watch. Visit to find out more. Photos from www.spazuk.comVia thisiscolossal
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Ok Go!

Ok Go do such creative music videos and I wanted to share their genius with you. They have recently release “I won’t let you down”, meticulously choreographed and on awesome little Honda scooters, which was filmed with a GPS-controlled drone. I think “Here it goes again” will always be a favorite of mine. Enjoy!
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Manchester – Richard Goodall Gallery

Recently we visited the Richard Goodall Gallery in the Northern Quarter, Manchester. I used to work in the area and loved popping in to peruse the latest contemporary pieces of art they had to offer. They have a wide variety on show, paintings, prints, drawings, photos, vinyl toys, and some designer homeware. So here are
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Weekend Links

Happy Friday internet friends! Another work week coming to a close and I thought I would celebrate by sharing some things that have made me smile these past few days: Dream Again by Starling, think catchy rock riffs blended with a grandeur orchestral sound. Their album comes out next month so keep your eye out
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Practice, Practice, Practice!

Ira Glass talks about the “Gap” where, you just have to produce a large amount of work in order to develop your skills to match your “Taste”. You can watch the video here if you haven’t already. Your efforts will be rewarded as long as you continue to practice, and here’s the proof. Ethan Tennier-Stuart
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Target Reached

Last month we interviewed artist Simon Amadeus Pillario on his project to create the ‘Word for Word Bible Comic’. Starting with the Book of Judges, Simon aims to make an unabridged and true to content comic book version of the Bible. You can read the full interview here. At the time of the interview Simon
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