Rob’s Top 5 Gig Photos

I was chatting the other day with a work colleague. I found out that they were really into going to see bands and taking photos. She’s already booked 13 gigs for the year and planned out her holidays around them, now that’s dedication. So I set a challenge to pick out her top five pics
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Fun in the Sun

Back in May (2014) we had some lovely sunny days. When you are in the North of England you need to make the best of them while they are around, and we did. Plenty of walks around our local area and a bit of exploring too. Cathy my wife writes a blog and her next
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Cactus Blossoms

There are days when it feels like I am barely holding onto my sanity, when it feels like it would take very little to either make or break me. Last week our baby entered the world of teething. Friday was an especially bad day for him. Despite my best efforts he was miserable all day
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Switchfoot and Photos

Recently there has been an interview floating around the internet and facebook with Jon from Switchfoot. He was asked if band is a “Christian” band. So I thought it apt to share some of my photos mixed with the interview. I have been a fan of Switchfoot since the Legend of Chin. I was first
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It’s a Hobby, It’s Okay

Meet Joe. Joe is a painter. He’s had one beginning painting class he was able to take during his intense Physical Therapy degree. He’s been using the same medium grade brushes for a while now (using them as long as he possibly can before they break down), and he doesn’t have all the latest art
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An Autumn Walk

These photos were taken in 2012 in November, Spring wood forest near Whalley in Lancashire. The light was perfect and I was just getting to grips with my 50mm manual, fully open to f/1.4. Trying to focus on objects far away is very tricky at those settings, especially without a zoomed in live preview. Lucky
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Manchester Rain

Back in August 2010, I worked near the Northern Quarter in Manchester. If you have spent any time in the North of England, you will know that the weather can change so quickly, and there can be such a contrast of extremes. This was one of those days, and it completely tipped it down. Luckily
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