Canine Skull Scratchboard

For Christmas I try to do at least one homemade item each year. Cameron, my husband, is fascinated by animal skulls. This sounds morbid until you know that he has a degree in zoology and is preparing to teach Biology. He loves the structure, how everything all fits together, the teeth, all of it. With
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The Wonderful Work of Hannah Dunnett

A friend of mine was on holiday over the summer with her family. They were exploring a little village when they spotted a Christian book shop. They went in to have a look and found amid the stock a collection of beautiful greeting cards. There were paintings and illustrations of all sorts of things; mountains,
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The Fear of the Lord

In October 2006 I was renting a small attic room in Bradford West Yorkshire after finishing a degree in Leeds. Out of my skylight I looked out over a typical view over the industrial city chimneys. Wondering what to do, I decided to pick up the pencils again (after a long drawing pause since school!)
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